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Shearing Machine 6X3200

                     Hydraulic Shearing Machine 



CNC shear machine 6mmx3200mm logo.jpg


-Steel plats welded structure,hydraulic transmission and accumulator return stroke

-Characterized by easy operation ,reliable performance and fine appearance

-Indicator based gap adjustment of blades,convenient and swift

-Shadow light alignment

-Top blade could be adjusted for full stroke or shorter ones

-Fence guard for personnel safety

-General digital display position of back gauge and shearing times/counts

Main components                                                         

Standard NC Control system  ESTUN E21S


As the simple CNC,it can control the movement of backgauge,achieving efficient and highly precise positioning ,Also it will count the cutting times.40 programs saving to reduce labour intensity and increase company competition.

 Backgauge control

 Bus mode control servo system

  Stroke lenght limitation

 Double programmable digital output

  Program memory of up to 40 programs up to 25 steps per program

 One side positioning

 Retract funcation


 Chinese /English

The user also can choose CNC system on this machine .

Enclosed accessories                                                     

1Operation Manualhydraulic diagramelectro diagramground works


3Packing list.

4Colors: According to your requirements.

Techanical parameters