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W11SNC series high precision roller universal machine technology features

W11SNC series of high precision and universal rolling machine test in 1955 and Japanese chestnut Bentie industry and trade cooperation with the introduction of technology and its characteristics are as follows:

(1) the upper roller is in a drum shape, and the lower part of the lower roller is provided with a supporting roller, and the product (national patent) can be rolled out in a wide range from the thin plate to the thick plate.

(2) unique rear bending process, continuous bending and avoid product "dead bent" and "sharp peach", can get high precision products (national patent).

(3) plate end pre bending with and directly with pressure, remaining straight edge length and shape control, the completion of the high precision end pre bending.

(4) the equipment adopts the integral type chassis, the foundation is simple, the mobile operation place is convenient.